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            The Outpost has been published two or three times yearly, Winter, Spring and Fall, since 2000.  Past issues will be added to this page as they are reformatted.  It is an informative newsletter relating SMR events, and various activitiesat and the conditions at the Sandia Conference Grounds; plus various and interesting articles. 

              This newsletter is mailed or e-mailed to members, friends and supporters of the Sandia Mountain Retreats.  If you would like to be placed on our mailing list or our e-mail distribution, please contact the editors, Marcie Brubaker, e-mail marcieb805@msn.com and/or Nan Windle , e-mail newwindle@juno.com. 

Winter 2003-2004
Spring 2006
Winter 2007-2008
Spring 2008
Winter 2008-2009
Summer/Fall 2010

                The SMR Logo is a circular pattern with the upper right side open.  In the center is a symbolic representation of the flame from a campfire, with the stripes intersecting the bottom of the flame suggesting logs.  The three segments below the flame represent the trilogy of SMR programs – camps, retreats, and conferences.  The Eastern star in the upper left corner represents the light of Christ shining on, and reflecting from, the mission work of SMR. The hills to the left of the flame represent the canyon of Las Huertas creek, which originates from life-giving springs on Sandia Conference Grounds.

Kara Dyble, daughter of SMR Founder Tom Dyble, designed the logo as part of a class project in her senior year at Texas Christian University

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