Personal Responsibilities
Clothing appropriate for weather conditions
Drinking water in a container
Park only in designated locations
"Pack out what you pack in"
Safety first, for self and others, always
Consideration for others, "Good Neighbor Policy"
Observe "Off Limits" on certain buildings, structures and areas until such time as they are repaired or renovated, or removed
Be aware, knowledgeable and vigilant toward possibility of:
   o fire and lightning danger
   o wild animals: bear, cougar, etc.
   o forest and semi-wilderness settings (slippery places, rocks,
      tree limbs falling, etc.)
   o health hazards such as the plague and hanta virus (i.e.,
      observe appropriate health precautions)
No trespassing on private land
Abide by all laws of the state, county, or other governing organization (i.e., no firearms, no fireworks)
No pet animals unless required for safety or other valid purposes, and then must be restrained (on a leash)
[Note: Owner is strongly cautioned to observe appropriate health precautions for fleas and ticks.]
Group Leader Responsibilities
Group Leader Responsibilities In addition to the above personal responsibilities, when a User is actually on Conference Grounds property, certain measures must be arranged for or provided by the Group Leader:
Cellular phone is recommended
Check for notices at the central posting location
Group leadership and supervision
Observe proper fire regulations, fire watch, etc.
Note: No smoking, candles, campfires, or other fire out of specified areas, specifically, that clearing designated as the Assembly Area, which is adjacent to the Bathhouse.
Chaperone Responsibilities
Sandia Conference Grounds is primarily a youth camp and conference facility. Adequate adult supervision must be present to oversee the youth of any particular group for each activity. General guidelines for the number of chaperones are:
Age of Yourth Number of Chaperones
Up to Five 1 per 3 youth
Five to Eight 1 per 5 youth
Nine to Twelve 1 per 7 youth
Teenagers 1 per 10 youth
Note: The trails on the Grounds should be used only with the specific permission of the group leader.
Sandia Mountain Retreats was formed with the core Judeo-Christian belief and intention that we are expected and obligated to treat our neighbor with respect and consideration, and that, as individuals and as a corporate entity, we will do so to the best of our ability.

Our neighbors include those people who actually live in proximity to the Grounds; the Presbytery of Santa Fe and its churches; other churches, schools, organizations and individuals; and those corporate and individual voting members of our organization who have expressed their belief in our organization by becoming members, investing their time, energy and resources in furthering the interests of SMR.

We hereby continue to commit ourselves to maintaining good and appropriate relations with all these neighbors. In fulfilling this commitment, it is essential that all SMR members, including individual directors, bring to the attention of the Board of SMR the following:
(1) any problems which arise and are relevant to the organization,
(2) any problems which arise and are relevant to the maintenance and/or upkeep of the Sandia Conference Grounds,
(3) any instances of inappropriate or questionable actions or behavior which are detrimental to the interests of either SMR or the
     Presbytery of Santa Fe with regard to the Sandia Conference Grounds.

Furthermore, the following is to be placed in the SMR newsletter, The Outpost:

In affirmation of our Good Neighbor Policy, the Board of SMR considers and hereby affirms that it is a responsibility for Voting Members, whether corporate or individual, to exercise their privilege and duty to inform and communicate verbally with individual directors, or to submit articles or letters to the President or the entire Board of Directors with respect to actions and decisions taken by the Board. We welcome and invite such communications. In doing so, it is considered appropriate and the proper duty of the individual director or the entire Board of SMR to take action as deemed appropriate, so long as such action is fair, just and non-violent in nature.

Any article published in The Outpost, including Responses or “Letters to the Editor” will reflect and adhere to this commitment and corporate policy, and, furthermore, will be subject to the editorial review and acceptance of the editors, and overall review by the Membership Committee.
Approved by the SMR Board of Directors GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY November 16, 2002
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