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Forest and Campgrounds are open! The U.S. Forest Service has reopened the Sandia Mountains in the Cibola National Forest. This means the Sandia Mountain Conference Grounds are back in business.

Sandia Mountain Retreats & Conference Grounds in the beautiful Sandia Mountains

The Sandia Conference Grounds is a unique semi-wilderness camp located on the eastern side of the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is an historic site which began in 1928 as an exciting new "place in the mountains" where meetings of the Synod of New Mexico took place. Over the years, youth, families and churches flocked to the cool fresh mountain air. Many pastors found their calling there. There is little recounting of the fine memories and lifelong friendships which resulted from those camping and retreat experiences. Nevertheless, there is an abiding love for the Sandia Conference Grounds where the forested mountain environment provides a source of inspiration and spiritual solace.

At an altitude of over 8,000 feet, the 78+ acre site, known also as the Presbyterian Conference Grounds, is a wonderful mix of wild vegetation and ecosystem types -- tall stately firs and ponderosa pines, grassy meadows filled with wild flowers, rare herbs and fauna native to the area, many mountain springs which are tributaries to the free-running streams and ponds of the historic Las Huertas Creek. Travertine falls, found only in the Rocky Mountain region, form an attractive setting for a stone cross erected in 1936. There are many historic trails waiting to be explored, from which vistas stretch far to the north, such as the trail to the historic, World War II white wooden cross that has stood for decades above the Assembly Area.

Sandia Mountain Retreats is a non-profit corporation which was formed for the purpose of leasing and caring for the Sandia Conference Grounds. SMR's mission is financially supported by its individual and corporate members plus the many churches and organizations which are deeply committed to protecting and caring for the Sandia Conference Grounds, and to the goals and mission of Sandia Mountain Retreats.

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