Sandia Conference Grounds Wish List!
Listed below are some wish list items for the Sandia Conference Grounds. The items listed are priced (approximate) for “new” items, however “like new" or "used" items would also be greatly appreciated. Items are listed in random order without any priority. Wishes come in all sizes. Every wish granted is greatly appreciated.

Trash/Brush hauling trailer, dual or single axle, 8' x 16'$1000 - $2500
Bear proof trash storage container???
Sleeping cots???
Recreation Balls$5-$25
Cleaning Supplies$20-$200
Camper Scholarships$100-$500
6' or 8' Heavy Duty folding Picnic Tables, winter tolerant$100 each
First Aid Supplies$10-$150
Road Gravel (per load)$300 - $450
DR Field & Brush Mower Commercial 30" deck 2 ½ “ saplings$3,300 + shipping
Chipper Rental$150 per day
or DR 30 Commercial Chipper 5 ½ “ dia chipping capacity$4000 + shipping
or DR Top Discharge 3 pt tractor hitch 4 ½ “ dia chip cap$2600 + shipping
Large area shade structure - open sides???
Portable electric generators - 3 to 5 kilowatt$600 to $1500
Gas powered cement mixer???
3 point hitch post hole digger???
Paper towels, bathroom tissue, trash bags 13 and 45 gal$3 to $10
Building supplies, lumber, concrete, nails, screws, metal roofing, windows, trusses, etc. for a specific building design structure. (After design is established and full material list.)???

Please contact:
Phil Brubaker
SMR Work Projects
505 265-5953

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